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at cattfeinated café

how it works

Cattfeinated café...

has two sections. When you first enter, there is a cafe with cat-themed treats, coffee, tea, and more, but no actual cats. This keeps hair out of your drinks and our equipment. Like a normal cafe, you can drop by this section anytime. We have large windows if you want to see the cats without interacting directly…great for allergies or short visits!

02 - orientation

Be sure to show up to your appointment a little early, because we’ll give you a short introduction to all of the fun stuff at the cafe and teach you the rules that keep you and the cats happy and safe. You can also use this time to order drinks or snacks to bring into the lounge with you.

01 - make a reservation

Grab an hour booking, a day pass, or a special event ticket online or by phone. You are able to drop by for a walk-in as well, but since reservations get priority it’s always better to guarantee your spot by letting us know you’re coming! To keep the cats stress-free and maximize your fun, we only allow 10-15 people in the lounge at a time.

03 - have fun!

We have tons of amazing amenities for cat playtime and interaction, including a variety of toys, cat trees and shelves, and a profile wall to learn the cats’ personalities! We also have lots of perks for our human guests too, including relaxing spaces to snuggle up, work desks with plenty of outlets, and shelves full of cat-themed books and games. Most importantly, there are up to 16-20 in the lounges to hang out with!

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