with every purchase, you help a rescue cat in need 


CAT Cafe

a new approach to pet adoption with a twist


 Thursday - Saturday, 11am - 7pm and Sunday 12pm - 6pm

It's a cafe with cats, of course!  On one side we have a  cafe with coffee and baked goods, and on the other side we have TWO cat playrooms filled with 20 adoptable cats ready to be loved. Cattfeinated Cat Cafe is Greensburg's first cat cafe, bringing cats and people together in an environment fit for both.

We believe that all pets deserve a good home, which is why we have teamed up with a local rescue group, Wayward Whiskers. The cafe provides a charming and relaxing atmosphere for the adoptable cats to showcase their personality and to just be cats! If you are looking for a new best friend, or if you cannot have a pet of your own and just want to pet some cats, we are here for you!

We provide kitty matchmaking services as well as the therapeutic effects of spending time with cats. Each time you visit our cafe you support and keep our rescue efforts going.

We are committed to the well-being of animals, providing coffee, tea and other treats, and to the idea that one day all animals can get a loving furrever family.


an unique experience 

we increase adoption rates

Since our launch in November 2019, we have found over 180 cats in Westmoreland County! 

By housing shelter cats in a cozy cafe, we significantly increase shelter cats' visibility and their chances for being adopted!  Cattfeinated Cafe helps shelter cats by getting them out of cages and into a friendly, loving, and comfortable space to be adopted. Our kitties live with us at  until they find their furrever homes, and they are never caged or crated. We believe cats are curious, active animals that need plenty of room to play and roam, and we are so grateful to be able to provide such an enriching and loving temporary home for them.

Want to support our mission?



The Thrifty Kitty Catique


A thrift shop benefiting the cats & kittens of Wayward Whiskers! NOW ACCEPTING DONATIONS

no problem, our cafe and full coffee bar is a completely separate operation.  Stop in, grab a beverage & some goodies without being with the cats.   

Prefer dogs, but like coffee?

p.s. we love dogs too!

or allergic to cats?



159 E. Otterman St. 

Greensburg, PA 15601

Thurs-Sat: 11AM - 7PM

Sun: 12PM - 6PM

Closed Monday- Wednesday

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